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Rochester Area

Rochester Film Lab (formerly the AIVF Salon) meets the first Wednesday of each month at 7pm at Animatus Studio, 34 Winthrop Street near 2 Vine.

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Rochester Movie Makers (a local filmmakers' group started in 2007)
The Little Theatre's Emerging Filmmaker's Series: Held the last Monday of each month.
Rochester International Film Festival (Movies on a Shoestring)
High Falls Film Festival
Rochester Film Office
Uzoma Films -- Anthony Griswold's Production Company
Trillium Films
House of Food Productions
Zinko Films
Eggwork Productions


Creative Cow Forums
Association of Independent Video and Filmmakers (AIVF)
Writer's Guild of America East
VirtualDub / Filters for VirtualDub


Acting / Directing

Directing Actors - Judith Weston
On Directing Film - David Mamet
Moviemakers' Master Class - Laurent Tirard
The Art of Acting - Carlton Colyer


Feature Filmmaking at Used Car Prices - Rick Schmidt
Independent Feature Film Production - Gregory Goodell
What They Don't Teach You at Film School - Camille Landau and Tiare White
Independent Film Distribution - Phil Hall


Writing Screenplays that Sell - Michael Hauge
Secrets of Film Writing - Tom Lazarus
The Secrets of Action Screenwriting - William C. Martell
This Business of Screenwriting - Ron Suppa, Esq.
Writing the Character-Centered Screenplay - Andrew Horton
The Whole Picture - Richard Walter
Dramatica: A New Theory of Story